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Lizzy Vasileva's poetry in the NR
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Read the latest contribution from the Moscow-based poet Lizzy Vasileva here.
Posted on July 01, 2004, at 9:20 pm
But why are these poems so sad? Should we celebrate the autumn?
Posted by Pachtalon on July 11, 04 | 6:29 pm
...and why in English? Where are the Russian originals? Come on NR...
Posted by Pachtalon on July 11, 04 | 6:31 pm
I wonder if there are the Russian originals behind these poems. I would say they are written directly in English. But we'll have to ask the author...

Funny name, by the way, meaning "postman", "facteur", I presume?
Posted by Editor on July 11, 04 | 11:46 pm
I think you're right... I found the name in my dictionary translated as postman!
Posted by Pachtalon on July 12, 04 | 2:50 am


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